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1. 1차 출발    7:30 AM       Marsh rd trail head  ,Concord 

2. 2차 출발    8:30 AM       Rudgear staging area ( Alamo//Danvile 중간)

3. 준비물 : 자전차


                    행동식 or 돈 or Credit Card

                    windbreaker, arm warmer, leg warmer, 장갑, mask

                    구급약/ 썬블락 로션

                    연락처 : (707)480-8867 kenn


Iron Horse Regional Trail Facts

States: California
Counties: Alameda, Contra Costa
Length: 27.2 miles
Trail end points: Marsh Dr. near Buchanan Field Airport (Concord) and Valley Ave. and Busch Rd. (Pleasanton)

Iron Horse Regional Trail Description

placeholder-map.jpgView Trail Map

The area surrounding the Iron Horse Regional Trail has an important history as part of the San Ramon Valley's agricultural and ranching past. Today, the Iron Horse Trail connects two counties and twelve cities. It runs through quiet residential neighborhoods, lively business and commercial districts and shady greenbelts. This popular and extensively used trail roughly follows Interstate 680, beginning in the city of Concord on its northern end and passing through Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and Dublin before ending at the northeast edge of Pleasanton.

Plans call for the trail to be extended farther south to Stanley Boulevard in Pleasanton, where an existing bike trail leads east to Livermore. On the north end, there are plans to continue the trail to Suisun Bay in Martinez.

At the current northern end, the trail begins just south of State Route 4, near the northeast corner of Buchanan Field Airport in Concord. The trail nears the Pleasant Hill BART station at about mile 5. A rest stop across the street from the BART parking lot features picnic tables, a drinking fountain and benches. The northernmost part of the trail, as well as the proposed area around Suisun Bay, follows a marshy area, which is a haven for ducks and geese.

As you head south, the area becomes increasingly more urban, especially near downtown Walnut Creek. The Walnut Creek BART station is about a half mile off the trail here. Bicycle and pedestrian overpasses span Treat Boulevard near the Pleasant Hill BART and Ygnacio Valley Road in a congested section of Walnut Creek. South of Walnut Creek, the trail passes under I-680 at Rudgear Road to the west side of the freeway. A staging area here features parking, a drinking fountain, benches and tables.

From this point, the trail meanders through residential areas, crossing streets numerous times—though traffic is typically low—and offers easy access to restaurants and shopping. Much of the trail in this section includes a dirt running path adjacent to the asphalt bike trail.

In Danville, the trail passes directly behind the commercial downtown area. Nearby at the corner of Railroad and Prospect avenues is the old Southern Pacific Depot, which is the only original depot remaining on the line. Just past the depot is a pleasant area, featuring restaurants with outdoor seating overlooking the trail.

Picking up the trail again, you cross under I-680 to the east side and traverse Bishop Ranch Business Park, a commercial section that parallels the trail for about 2 miles. Next you reach the San Ramon Golf Club. The trail bisects the golf course, with chain-link fencing providing protection from errant golf balls. As the trail slices through Dublin, the environment is urban once more.

You next pass the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station and cross under I-580 before heading through some of Dublin and Pleasanton's dense housing and business development. The trail briefly leaves the former rail corridor at Arroyo Mocho and Santa Rita Road but picks it up again south of Stoneridge Drive. The final stretch runs in a wide corridor between fenced-in backyards before ending at Valley Avenue.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the northern trailhead, take State Route 4 westbound to Arnold Industrial Way. Turn left onto Arnold Industrial Place and left again on Solano Way. Follow Solano Way and go under SR 4. Turn right onto Marsh Drive. The signed trailhead is on your left. Street parking is limited.

To reach the trailhead at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, exit Interstate 580 at Hopyard Road. Turn right on Hopyard Road and proceed for 0.3 mile. Turn right on Dublin Boulevard and go 0.5 mile. Turn right on Demarcus Boulevard, which leads to the station. The signed trailhead is at the north end of the parking lot.

Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6015308

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    FAB 2017.11.02 22:34

    2 차 출발지로 가겠습니다.  댄빌 시내 파스칼 카페에서 아침 식사하는 걸로 하시죠. 아마 9 시 경이 될 겁니다.  

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    Kenn 2017.11.03 05:19
    FAB님 넘 반갑습니다.
    말로만 듣던 파스칼에서 아침을..
  • profile
    FAB 2017.11.03 10:45
    혹시 댄빌에서 아침만 먹고 가실 분도 손들어 주세요.
    아침 바람 쐬면서 잔차타고 싶으신 분은 바퀴달린 거라면 종류 불문하고 환영입니다. 전 코스가 평지에다가 신호등이 많아서 무리없이 즐길수 있습니다.
  • profile
    Kenn 2017.11.03 10:55
    파스칼  조찬 회동
    따로 벙개 한번 때리시면
  • profile
    FAB 2017.11.03 11:16
    아유~~ 파스칼이 뭐 대단한 식당도 아닌데요.
    일욜 아침에 수다가 필요하신 분이나 바깥밥이 생각나시는 분이 있으면 그냥 들르시면 되죠. 부시시한 새집 머리에 세수안 한 민낯이면 더 좋습니다.
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    Kenn 2017.11.03 11:20

    맞어요. ㅋㅋㅋ
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    Kenn 2017.11.03 10:56

    길이 정말 쉽습니다. 
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    진짜 남녀노소 누구나!
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    FAB 2017.11.03 11:21
    잔차 필요하신 분은 제게 말씀하셔도 됩니다.
    남성용 MTB 1 대하고 미니 벨로 1 대 추가로 가져갈 수 있습니다.
  • profile
    Kenn 2017.11.03 11:26
    미니 벨로가 뭔가 요?
  • profile
    FAB 2017.11.03 11:32
    바퀴가 작은 잔차를 미니 벨로라고 부릅니다.
    제껀 16인치짜리인데 시마노 소라 디레일러를 붙여놔서 웬만한 26인치짜리 잔차보다 잘 나갑니다.
  • profile
    Kenn 2017.11.03 11:43
    바퀴 인치가 클수록 속도가 빠릅니까?
  • profile
    FAB 2017.11.03 11:46
    복숭아 한바퀴하고 수박 한바퀴가 다르죠.
    바퀴하고 디레일러, 그리고 본인의 허벅지가 속도를 좌우합니다.
  • profile
    Kenn 2017.11.03 16:30
    디레일러가 뭔지 모르갰는데요.
    담에 또 여쭈어 볼게뇨.
    바이크 탈때
    기본 안전수칙아랄까
    그런 팁좀 부탁드려도 될까요?

    사간되실때요 ^^
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    아리송 2017.11.03 17:07

    심심할때 보세여.
  • profile
    Kenn 2017.11.03 20:30
    저도 부지런히 찾아 봐야 겠습니다

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